Wednesday, 26 August 2015


It calls for great strength
to be silent
when you want
to shout and scream,
to be tough enough
to bottle up your voice
and witness them
destroy your dream,
to stand still
and not resist
the spinning world
and the ensuing vertigo,
to plug your ears
bite your tongue
and whether you want or not,
mutely watch the show.

But that's the thing  about silence,
no matter what kind of courage mustered it up,
in the end,
it only weakens you and strengthens them.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Dreams of Light and Nothingness

Darkness doesn't bother me.
Want to know what does?
That slice of faint sunshine
Perched upon the horizon,
With the promise of a new day,
A day that never comes.
The night doesn't hurt me.
I can survive,
Live and flourish even
In its murky, musty numbness.
Just don't try
Don't make me feel
With dreams of light,
only for it to later burst
into a thousand shiny pieces.
A thousand shiny pieces of nothingness.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

On Golden Wings

I stand still
while the wind
teases my hair
my legs
firmly glued to the ground
and arms
stretched in the air
I wish to fly
but can't
the weight bears me down
but don't worry
because I know
I will not frown
as I close my eyes
I can feel
my spirit, my soul
rise and fly
on golden wings
my heart
it might be dark
cold and black
but I know
it whispers
and sometimes
it sings

Thursday, 22 January 2015



Have you ever enjoyed the day
warm and golden on your face,
ever strolled down the rugged path
at your own lazy pace?

Have you ever filled your lungs
with a large breath of air
or splashed around in a dirty pool
with no shame nor care?

Did you ever stop and smell
the lingering summer perfume
or marvel at the mystery
of a mother's swollen womb?

Would you sit with a mad man
and with him, laugh out loud
or speak out your mind,
proud in a crowd?

Hundreds of things
that you want to try
but wouldn't dare
because you are scared, are shy.

thousands of hopes,
and dreams to pursue.
Be brave, fight for them
and let them define you.